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New Salsa 2016

Posted: 09 Apr 2016 20:05
by paulholmes13
Hi All,

Looking at buying our first caravan at Littlesea and have recently put a deposit down on a Salsa Eco which we were told was a new 2016 model. I am not able to find any documentation/reviews on this anywhere and have heard bad reviews of previous Salsa Eco's stating that they were cold as no CH but Warm Air. The Salsa Eco has DG and wall, floor and roof insulation with warm air heating, gas fire in the lounge and an electric panel in the shower room but I was wondering whether anyone had any input on the new model?

My wife is an extremely cold person so need to make sure this caravan is the right model for us.

Many thanks in advanced.


Re: New Salsa 2016

Posted: 09 Apr 2016 20:46
by neilly
Hi Paul we just bought a eco salsa 2015 in November it sounds like the same as yours ours has the storage at the back and speakers in the ceiling ,we find it warm in our caravan the fan heaters are just fine for us hope this helps

Re: New Salsa 2016

Posted: 09 Apr 2016 20:52
by Guest
Thanks neilly, just what we wanted to hear. :)


Re: New Salsa 2016

Posted: 10 Apr 2016 17:13
by Koala Services
I've heard mixed reviews of the Salsa, it all depends on your threshold to the cold.
There's a few people I've done gas safety tests for who own Salsa's and some say they are too cold and some are happy.
Most say the blow heaters are not enough in the very cold weather and they have to use additional electric heaters. All fair and well if you have a 32A electrical supply but if you only have 16A you will end up tripping the supply with additional electric heaters.
I did notice they seemed to hold their heat better than our Horizon due to the extra insulation.
I've never fitted a CH system to a Salsa, but it should be possible to retro fit, as I did in our Horizon.
Why don't you ask sales if you can have a stay in one on site before you commit 100%? Do it before the weather gets warmer.