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by springhay
2 years ago
Forum: I Want to Buy A Caravan
Topic: Can't decide
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Re: Can't decide

I wouldn't let something like soft play moving put me off if everythng else abotu the site was good for you. Things move around all the time! Who knows,they might even put it back by next season?

All site have their pros and cons. The best Owenrs club at the moment in Thornwick for good design and layout. This is my opinion having visited recently. And of course it's all bright shiny and new. Their funworks is a far more manageable size and the Mash and Barrel far cosier than the larger ones.

But that's just the complex area - not sure about the rest of the site. Primrose offers by far the most facilities in terms of pools and venues - but the sheer size of the site isn't to everyone's taste. It's is growing even further toward the holiday village next door.

As it happens, it does have a soft play area at Lakeside where you can have a coffee....my own problem with this, is that parents let their kids run riot (often over the size on the chart) and it is not monitored at all by staff. I wouldn't let tiny ones in there for fear of injury to be perfectly frank.

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