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by HappyValley
3 years ago
Forum: Funworks & Owners Passes (Privilege Cards)
Topic: Any News on Review of Passes?
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Re: Any News on Review of Passes?

Yes, I think we all agree about the overcrowding in the venues but I don't think there should be any correlation between the crowd problem and the cost of passes. The facilities on the park are there for everyone to enjoy, and as such, they should be of an adequate size to offer everyone the opportunity to use them comfortably. To keep pass prices high just to out price some people from using the very facilities they have come on holiday for would be a horrible thing to do and I am sure no one at Haven has kept passes highly priced for that reason! What I do think is dreadful is putting more caravans on the park without increasing the capacity of already overstretched venues.

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