What happened to the forum and what is its furure?

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What happened to the forum and what is its furure?

Post by Keith » 1 year ago

What happened to the forum?

I must apologize for for the sudden removal of the forum last year, as I said at the time, it was something I had to do and, for personal reasons, I can't go into details. Despite what has been said on social media and other forums, I have always wanted to bring the forum back and have been doing my best to keep the structure of the forum as up to date as possible.

Having to loose my caravan after 23 years was devastating, and I miss everything about being an owner. My new status as an 'ex owner' means that I won't be making as many posts as I used to and will depend on forum members old and new to help maintain the forums values and accuracy of content.

What is the future for the forum?

That will depend on the forum members and how the forum is used. We are coming towards the end of this season, so I don't expect a high volume of traffic (but it would be great if you would all let us know what you've been up to while the forum has been off-line).

My plan is to try and keep the forum live until the end of the 2018 season before making a decision about its future and that decision will be based on how it is being used.

Who are Redstick Enterprises?

Redstick Enterprises is a new collaboration between myself and some friends of mine. Because I have other issues to deal with, the Redstick team will be much more involved with the forum than I will be initially, but I will always oversee everything that they do and I will always have overall control.
Over the next few months we will be testing all the forum features to make sure everything still works now we are live again, so you may see some changes being made and we may occasionally go off-line again for a short time while changes are made.

Will you be handing the forum over to anybody else?

No, I will never hand the forum over to anybody else. I may spend time 'behind the scenes', but I will always be involved with the forum and willing to offer help or advice to anybody whenever I can.

I hope you have all had a great 2017 season and I look forward to seeing you all back on here soon.

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