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I am pleased to be able to bring our forum back on-line. The reasons for me taking it away have not all been resolved, but the situation now is that I am able to bring it back to see if it still has a future. I will keep it live as long as there is a demand for it and that demand with be determined by its usage.

Unfortunately, I am not an owner anymore and it is very unlikely that I will be again, this means that I no longer have the ability to keep the content of the forum up to date and ensure the information given is accurate; that is something that will now depend on the forum members.

The forum will be maintained through Redstick Enterprises, but I will still monitor the forum's function, content and membership applications.

I would like to know if anybody is interested in taking on the role of Forum Administrator and helping to ensure the forum maintains the standards and quality of content set by all our members.

If anybody is interested in the role of Admin, or if any of the original Moderators wish to have that role reinstated, please let me know by emailing hof@redstick-enterprises.co.uk

I am sure that quite a few of you may have lost or forgotten your log in details, and if that is the case, then email hof@redstick-enterprises.co.uk and you will be sent a temporary password so you can log in and set your own new password.

best regards as always


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